MARCY NIELSEN   Edmonton Tattoo Artist
in progress....Paintings and Drawings
Co-owner of Pagan Tattoo in Edmonton, Alberta

I am an Alberta born Artist and have been Tattooing full time for 14 years. I came to Edmonton in 1998 to complete my degree in Fine Art at the U. of A. I studied illustrative and sculptural mediums.
Before tattooing, I fronted a metal/punk band; releasing albums and touring. I also was involved in the local fashion scene; designing and sewing clothing for several lines. I have since devoted myself entirely to tattooing and painting. I am fully committed to helping my clients express their inner most visions.
My tattoo influences tend to lean towards traditional and ancient design styles, such as Polynesian, Nordic and Celtic. I am intrigued by all natural subject matter; animals, insects and plant life. I am also fascinated with geometry and how it is an integral component in adorning the human body. Contact me at

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Pagan Tattoo of Edmonton
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